New TSA Scandal?

Serial privacy violator Justin Oberman, the man in charge of Secure Flight testing at the Transportation Security Administration, appears to be at the heart of another major privacy scandal about to engulf the TSA.

Multiple confidential sources claim that senior Homeland Security officials have been working at internal damage (and external spin) control after finding out that Oberman and his staff may have violated the Privacy Act as well as misled GAO congressional investigators over the true scope of Secure Flight testing.

After the initial month-long round of legal Secure Flight testing allegedly proved a colossal failure, reliable sources claim that Oberman secretly reached out to additional private data companies for personal information on millions of Americans.  Did Oberman and his TSA cronies create a massive, unreported system of records in a fruitless attempt to prove Secure Flight can work as advertised?  Were GAO investigators left in the dark about this unauthorized testing?  Rumor says 'likely' on both counts.

If the above reports are true, Justin Oberman and his TSA cronies should be in serious trouble.  The worst punishment Homeland Security Chief Privacy Officer Nuala O'Connor-Kelly has dished out in the past were privacy sensitivity classes: will Congress finally step in and kill off this un-American, ineffective, and dangerous program once and for all?

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