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423. From Steve M, Na, MI, 13 November 2004, 04:48:59 PM PST

You can all stop crying at any time now. If you have nothing to hide than shut up. I have nothing to hide and if they want to know if I had a kosher meal than who cares! You people are the reason why 9-11 happened. Complaining about how long it takes to get on your plane or getting checked out at airport security. The only way to be 100% safe in this country is if they go even farther than what they are trying to do now. This secure flight non-sense is not going to be full proof either. All you do is put your effort towards complaining. Why not turn your efforts into putting your own ideas forward instead if crying. Your problem is you don't have any better ideas so shut up and let our elected officials do their jobs.

422. From Texas, 13 November 2004, 04:43:23 PM PST

A safe America does not mean foregoing privacy. No consent was ever given, and TSA should not be handing over traveler information so willingly.

421. 13 November 2004, 04:34:35 PM PST

It will just get worse and worse and less we make conscious decisions to stop and examine what we are doing. We are going backwords, as a culture and as a race!!!

420. From Laura R, Kingston, TN, 13 November 2004, 04:34:05 PM PST

I have several comments about this 'Secure Flight' operation. First of all, since when does the Executive Branch have the right to stop Americans from traveling within the United States? This is not Communist China, we're still supposedly living in a democratic country, so what's up with the Checkpoint Charlie? Second, more than 120,000 names are on terrorist watch lists that the TSA will use to screen fliers. Nowhere does the TSA mention testing the right of passengers to seek redress of an error. It is also mute on how a flier who is wrongly placed on the watch list could have his or her name removed. I think there is plenty of room for error here, considering the vast number of John Smiths in the US alone - if one is on the watch list, obviously not all of them should be considered suspects. I'd like to see these concerns addressed. Considering that the TSA's privacy record is shoddy, I'd also like to know how this so-called information was attained, and how reliable it can be considered. Additionally, I'd like to know that my private information is not being passed on to third parties who have no business knowing my credit card number, social security number, or other personal info. Finally, why are we spending money on unreliable sources? Taxpayer's money would be better spent on things we know will work: cargo screening, better training for TSA employees, and point-to-point baggage matching.

419. From Terry B, Glendale, AZ, 13 November 2004, 04:25:25 PM PST

Big Brother is watching. If the American public knew half of what the government does/is doing they would be appalled. Citizens who blindly trust the President, his posse and agenda are foolish. The government tells you what you want to hear and then proceed to do whatever they can to pull the wool over your eyes. Wake up and stop living in a dreamworld.

417. 13 November 2004, 02:33:41 PM PST

As a former TSA employee, I agree with everthing you have said on your site. I was a first hand witness to the waste and fraud at NINE different airports across the U.S. The actual security was better when it was in the airlines hands. The goal behind TSA was to have consistantcy througout the system. There isn't. Something that is allowed through one checkpoint in PHX is not allowed through in CT. We (fellow TSA employee's) would test eachother during down times. I have yet to see an airport that I can't get prohibited itmes through. It may have started as a noble idea, but it has turned into yet another government buracrasy.

416. 13 November 2004, 11:12:32 AM PST

I beleive that "Secure Flight" is as misleading as its name. Much like the "Patriot Act". These are dangerous times that we live in. Made even more dangerous by our government taking away our basic civil liberties in the guize of keeping us safe. I hope that Americans wake up soon!

415. From Chris Z, Lexington, Ky, 13 November 2004, 10:38:29 AM PST

My immediate thought after first reading this news was "Big brother sees all." Its almost as if the ideas found in "1984" are being used as guidelines on how to govern. I realize that this has always gone on to a certain degree, but at least we only had to worry about government ego as opposed to the ever-growing super-ego. As this country continues to make enemies, more names will be flagged until only good, wholesome, white, christians with traditional, non-threatening beliefs and ideas (or maybe no ideas at all) are allowed to freely leave and enter our country.

414. From Rita G, New York, New York, 13 November 2004, 09:38:45 AM PST

I am an American. I love my country. It is a gift to live in this country I was born in!!!!!!!! Please do not continue to slowly take my rights away! I wish to board an airplane without the government involved in my travel plans. I do not or will not give my governmentthe pemission to invade my privacy by having access to my personal data. This is the USA and many generations of Americans have fought for the protection of our constitution and I join them today in saying NO You May NOT take my rights away!!!!!!!!! I love my country and it is the best country in the world and I am blessed to be born in USA. Think about what you are doing, stop and think. Checking US traveler's names against list is not going to stop terrorist from harming us. By changing our laws, without our permission will do more harm to us and to the future generations of Americans than one terrorist act can do to us. Don't you see you are playing into their hands by changing the laws of freedoms. Don't you realize that they are having an impact upon all American's by currently doing nothing, because we our government is doing it for them by changing our freedom in travel. You are letting them win. Have some foresight!!!!!!! See outside the box of your paranoia. If you can't God help us all because our children and grandchildren will be living in a semi-communnist state of America. Rita Gallagher

413. 13 November 2004, 08:55:43 AM PST


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